Reason #44

Reason #44 I don’t need you …  I can change a light bulb by standing on a ladder, I can fix my own flat tire, that pesky lid I can’t seem to twist off my pickles, well guess what, I have a nifty little trick to get that off … so if you are looking for a damsel in distress, this is not her.

Keep the Negative and Nasty to Yourself

I can see that a certain individual who consistently posts negative comments on all of my blogs is back … To this BULLY (which you are) please get a life and find something move productive and positive to do with your time!

Why not check out the charity I am currently helping my friend with, I am Possible ( its platform is all about empowerment, unity, acceptance and celebrating our differences! #bulliesbegone

Reason #43

Reason #43 I use both sides of my brain … So I’m a little left and a little right … Try to be compatible with an artistic jock. Apparently it is a rare breed. If you aren’t part of my pack or can’t hang in both arenas, it just isn’t going to work.

Reason #42

Reason #42 I may try to kill you. I’ve been accused of it before (even by my mother) … so I hope you are in good shape because I’m going to get you to hike your ass up a mountain. If you’re not in great shape … well #1 this is never going to work and #2 before we end at the beginning, let’s go ahead and call your insurance agent and get that beneficiary changed.